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Merci de répondre aux questions ci-dessous qui serviront de base pour notre rencontre

Please briefly describe how you heard about my coaching services and why you would like a Strategy Session with me :


Clarity — Do you feel you are clear about who you are, your purpose, and the direction you want to go in life ?


Energy — Do you consistently have enough mental and physical energy needed to excel, accomplish your goals, and feel motivated and happy ?


Productivity — Are you consistently focused and effective, and are you good at minimizing distractions and maintaining priorities?


Courage — Do you take action and consistently express who you truly are and what you truly think, need, and desire with the world?


Influence — Do you feel you have the social influence with your family, friends, and the team needed to accomplish your goals?


What do you do for a living, and why di you choose that career?


What are your top 3 goals you are striving to achieve right now?


What major stressors or challenges are your struggling with now?


When you feel like your most successful and happy self, what makes you feel that way ?


What would your dream life look like if you could have a wand and make it happen?


What else prevented you from having this dream life?


What goal or dream have you given up on or failed at, and what do you believe caused you to stop or fail?


What three big changes would you like to make in life in the next 12 months?


What are you most proud of and excited about in your life?


Why would you like to work with a high performance coach?

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